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Beauti Tone Trending Paint Colours for 2023

Roger and I recently attended the Home Hardware trade show in Toronto, aptly called “Homecoming”, as it has been a few years since the last in-person trade show took place. It was good to resume our Fall tradition of attending the show to meet with fellow Home Hardware dealers and sales reps, as well as to look for new products and ideas to better serve our customers.
Rose and Roger at an event in front of photo booths
As a newly certified “Colour Consultant” I was especially enthusiastic about the unveiling of the BeautiTone Colour of the Year at the show. BeautiTone is the #1 Canadian-owned and Canadian-made retail paint brand, exclusively sold at Home Hardware. Each year the paint colour experts at the BeautiTone Division reveal a palette of on-trend paint colours that reflect the mood and style they anticipate will be favoured by Canadian homeowners in the coming year.
2023 colour of the year moments
At the BeautiTone booth I discovered the most gorgeous, deep, saturated blue paint colour and instantly knew I loved the choice of ‘Moments’ as the “Colour of the Year”. It has a rich green influence which makes it feel so current. I can see many of our customers being drawn to this warm, comforting yet energetic colour, especially living in cottage country, where tones of blue and green are all around us in nature.

Moments paint
‘Moments’ makes me nostalgic for warm colours and finishes, when chocolate brown leather furniture and hardwood floors were all the rage. Yet this is definitely a saturated enough blue colour to complement the white oak, wheat and oatmeal tones seen in today’s home decor and flooring. I find “Moments” to be calming, because of the blue with green undertone, and also grounding because of the level of saturation.

In addition to featuring an annual “Colour of the Year”, BeautiTone also highlights a complementary palette of trending colours. This year the consensus at BeautiTone was that two palettes were needed to provide inspiration for all Canadians. In coming to this conclusion the Creative Director Darryl Allen considered, “Knowing that we’re all moving forward, we won’t necessarily be moving at the same pace.” In other words, some of us may be craving a softer, comforting, peaceful environment while others may be craving a change and transformation.

This first palette called “Harmony and Healing” features five soft neutral, stylish colours, that create a calm, optimistic and reflective environment.
Harmony and Healing
This second palette features five much deeper, bolder shades that will appeal to the homeowner who desires to make a statement, or seeks a more spirited, invigorating environment. These deeper colours tend to draw in the walls of the room, making it feel more intimate, rich and comforting and can be especially impactful in a family room, living room, dining room or powder room.
deeper and bolder shades of paint
As a Colour Consultant, I find these palettes to provide much inspiration, particularly as we transition into a new season and move forward to a new stage of life, seeking comfort but also inspiration. 


tip: paint is an easy way to update the look of your home

If you’d like to take a closer look at the BeautiTone’s 2023 “Colour of the Year” and the palettes then stop by our Paint Department to pick up the brochure, or click on this link
And remember, I love design and helping you pick out a BeautiTone paint colour for your home! 
Rose Stephan
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