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How to Make Your Home Feel Warm & Cozy

December is here and it’s time to get our homes ready for the holiday season! Our family likes to bring nature inside when decorating for this season. I like to start with creating a cozy vibe to welcome the winter months and then begin to add in my Christmas decor.

A perfect place to introduce “cozy” is the seating area of your living room, or wherever it is that you enjoy curling up with a blanket and a Christmas movie. I put away my lighter textiles like linen pillows on my couch, and replace them with heavier, chunky knit and textured accent cushions and throw blankets. Nothing says comfort like an inviting couch ready to envelop you in warmth!

stay cozy Christmas pillow

Decorating with Cushions

Cushions are an easy and affordable way to add colour and interest to your couch or chair. They are one of my favourite decor items! I love oversized chunky knit cushions that are neutral in colour nestled in my favourite chair and then as we get closer to Christmas I will give it a pop of colour with this adorable “Get Cozy” red lumbar pillow!

Decorating Tip!

Layer Your Textiles to Create a Cozy Vibe!

On a chilly winter evening, as you sit down to watch your favourite Christmas movie with a hot drink, the first thing you look for is a warm cozy blanket to wrap around yourself. So a blanket draped on your couch is also a must for creating a cozy vibe in your home!  Look for a throw that’s made of a heavier weight material and that has lots of texture and heft to it.

red and white christmas pillows

Happiness is a Hot Drink

The first thing Roger and I do, before we sit down with the kids on Christmas morning to open gifts, is fill our holiday mugs with a hot beverage (with a “little something” added to it for extra warmth!). I think mugs make a meaningful holiday gift!

Rose and Roger drinking out of Christmas themed mugs

Light it Up!

How a room is lit definitely determines how cozy it feels. The Christmas lights on your tree give the festive feel, but another easy way to add warmth and cheer is by including battery operated candles in your table decor, or draping string lights along your fireplace mantle or setting them on a shelf or tucking them in glass vases. It adds an extra bit of sparkle and Christmas magic to a room. 

holiday window display
Tip: in the winter change your lightbulbs to warmer lights

Snuggle in front of the Fireplace

If you have a fireplace nothing is more inviting than a crackling fire! Did you know you can create that same comforting sound with a Woodwick candle? Our Woodwick candles emit a crackling sound similar to that of a log in the fireplace because the candle wicks are made of wood as opposed to cotton string.

Wood Wick candle

Bring Some Nature Inside

Live or realistic-looking faux plants are a must for a cozy room! Start with one statement plant or several small tabletop plants, or put a couple of plants in baskets and notice how much cozier your room will feel!
When it comes to your home, textures that draw you in and make you want to touch them help create that coveted sense of coziness.

christmas card display

Enjoy the Holiday Season!

I hope these tips for making your home feel warm and cozy help you as you prepare for the holiday season!

Roger and Rose


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