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Dragonfly Wingman and Wasp

The last few weeks of summer are precious, so we want to enjoy every moment and not be attacked by bugs. Unfortunately the horse flies, deer flies, and wasps are still going strong and can turn an enjoyable moment in cottage country into an itchy, painful one. 

deer and horse flies are primarily visual hunters


We’ve tried it in several situations including hiking, canoeing, fishing, paddle boarding, sitting on the dock, and walking the dog. It’s as easy as clipping it onto your hat, back pack, boat, or chair. 

Here are some products we will be carrying this season to help keep you from getting stung: 

insect trap

fly trap

wasp bgon max

raid max wasp and hornet spray

We so appreciate your business and loyalty this summer and hope that you enjoy these last few precious weeks of August. 


Roger and Rose 

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