Beautiful front door decorated for spring in cottage country

Front Door Decor for Spring

Photo Credits - Jillian.Harris

The the sun has been shining in Kawartha Lakes, and it felt like the perfect time of year to visit my friend’s gorgeous Confederation Log home, and style her porch for spring. I packed up my car with some new decor from our store, went on Pinterest for some inspiration, and then got to work.

Her porch is already beautiful and she just bought these amazing new chairs to flank the front door, but the addition of some colour and layers really gives it a “wow” factor now. 

I thought I’d share my tips for styling your front door plus share a link to my own personal “Front Door & Porch” Pinterest Board, so you too can be inspired to bring some spring decor to your front door.

wood cabin black door

Tidy Up 

The first step is to clean off debris remaining from fall and winter and the easiest way to go about this is using a leaf blower. Personally, I prefer a light-weight, cordless one like this battery operated Benchmark model. It only takes a few minutes and feels good to start with a clean slate.

Benchmark Leaf Blower

Item No. 5124-038  $299.99

Benchmark Leaf Blower
Image from Home Hardware​​

Pops of Colour

Spring is the time to bring brighter colour to the front door and porch. The garden centres have hardier flowers available right now because, let’s face it, it’s still possible to see some lower temps. Personally I love the sweet and happy look of peonies. I’m not a huge fan of faux flowers but I do use them in the spring because of the variable weather and so I tucked these bright yellow forsythias in this oversized black lantern. 

Lake House Pillow

Item No 7180 $64.99

Lake House Pillow from "At Home with Roger and Rose" Collection
Lake House ​​Pillow "At Home with Roger and Rose" Collection

Oversized Decor Object

If you have room at your front door, or on your porch, an oversized decor object is a great way to add visual interest and heft, particularly a large planter, or a lantern. 

Did you know it’s a designer trick to include a bit of black in any decorating project because black draws the eye? When styling a front door be aware of “scale” and try to avoid too many small objects that just end up getting lost visually. Avoid clutter! Aim for a visually clean and inviting entrance.

Eclipse 12" Black Planter  

Item No 5055-456  $10.99

Black planter with spring flowers
Black Planter from Home Hardware​​

Door Mat

An attractive door mat not only pleasantly welcomes visitors to your home, it also plays an important function, grabbing onto dirt and moisture, as guests enter your home. A coir mat makes an excellent natural fibre option and these days they come in such fun graphics and patterns. I love this one that we sell at the store. So sweet!

Home Sweet Home Coir Mat

Item No. 521  $19.99

Home Sweet Home Coir Front Door Mat
​​"At Home with Roger and Rose" Collection

Layer, Layer, Layer

I know you must get tired of me constantly saying this, but layering is a must if you want your space to look like you’ve put a decorator’s touch on it. A porch can have great bones but without layers can still be boring. Using layers is what creates somewhere for your eye to stop and linger, and becomes much more interesting and pleasing. When it comes to a front door or porch you can add layers with a floor mat, rug, plants or flowers in a planter, a lantern, furniture and textiles like outdoor pillows.

black rounded black door
Photo Credits - McGee & Co. ​​

Outdoor Pillows

Did someone say something about pillows? Okay. I admit it. When it comes to home decor I am addicted to pillows and these days there are so many outdoor pillows to choose from that bring colour, pattern and personality to outdoor furniture. 

A striped pillow like the ones in this photo, courtesy of The Lily Pad Cottage, are perfect for a lake setting. And believe me, there are a lot of beautiful pillows in our "At Home with Roger and Rose" collection this summer so be sure to check them out on-line or at the store!

white home spring decor
Photo Credits - The Lily Pad Cottage​​


It’s important to make sure you have some outdoor lighting on your front step so it’s well lit and safe at night. From a decorating perspective, it’s also lovely to have some soft lighting to lead the eye to your door, and you can achieve this with string lights wrapped around a wreath, solar power light stakes in a planter or garden bed, or like in this photo, a battery operated pillar candle tucked in a lantern. We sell a fantastic outdoor pillar candle called "Reallite" at the store that's popular year round!

Black Lantern with Solar Pillar Candle
Photo Credits - ​​Heather Krout

I hope you’ve found my tips useful for creating a beautiful, inviting front door for spring. For more inspiration be sure to check out my Pinterest Board. And if you’re in the Kawartha Lakes area be sure to stop by our store and get even more inspired by browsing our “At Home with Roger and Rose” home decor department.

Sincerely, Rose

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