lighting candles on Christmas table

Get Your Table Ready For Christmas

It’s time to clear the clutter that’s accumulated on your dining table and dress it up to take centre stage! Even if you’re not hosting Christmas dinner this year, styling your table is an impactful way to make your home look festive for the holidays.

Here are some of Rose's tips for setting your table for the Christmas season!

setting candles on the Christmas table

This year the traditional colours of Christmas are back in vogue, so bring a pop of colour and visual interest to your table with a beautiful red or green textile, like a table runner, table cloth or placemats.

tip: shorter table runners will highlight your centrepiece while longer ones create a more dramatic look
layering the dinner table for Christmas

Your table will look visually more interesting if you create layers and texture. An easy way to do this is to add another textile to the table such as placemats, chargers or napkins.

christmas candle

Adding greenery, or other types of natural looking materials, makes your table inviting and festive. Whether it be real pine twigs, with that gorgeous aroma, or faux greenery, that will last longer, greenery evokes that Christmas feeling. Another option is to use seasonal fruit like clementines and pomegranates, or this year natural wood decor is popular like wood bead garland.

lighting the candles on the Christmas dinner table

Candles are warm and welcoming and provide the most flattering light at dinner time. Your dining table doesn’t have to be limited to one style. You can mix and match tapered, votive and pillar candles to create ambience. Another option is battery-operated string lights tucked in and around your centrepiece. 

christmas napkins

Make your guests feel important by using special napkins. Dinner size napkins are intended for more formal dinner parties but the most popular style remains lunch size. 

felt mouse for Christmas

If children will be at the Christmas table then it’s fun to have add a bit of whimsy. For instance, this year felt animals are popular and can be tucked in your arrangement.

christmas table

You should consider the shape of your table when styling it.

Round: This table suits a single centrepiece. You can definitely use tall centrepieces since the circular shape makes it easier to look around to the other guests. 

Square: Square tables have more space in the centre. You can create a more substantial arrangement to fill in this space and keep the centre of the table from looking sparse. 

Rectangular: A single centrepiece on a rectangular space can look lonely. Aim for a centrepiece that sprawls, with a larger middle centrepiece and then smaller arrangements on either side of it. Keep them narrow though to avoid crowding the table. 

I hope these tips inspire you to create a beautiful, welcoming holiday table for your friends and family this Christmas! 



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