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Rose's Favourite Home Decor Trends - 2021



I love studying trends! One of my favourite pastimes is pouring over magazines and Pinterest to find inspiration for my home. So you can imagine anything I purchase for our Home Department has been carefully considered to ensure it will bring style to your home. While not every trend is translatable to life in Bobcaygeon, this season many of them are including: warm earthy colours, natural materials, neutrals, botanicals, pops of black and lots of texture! - Rose

This cozy, inviting room captures some of the hottest 2021 home decor trends:



1. Grouping of Candle Holders



Candle holders are an effective way to bring up-to-date style to our homes. I often have our dining table styled with a table runner and candle holders, even when we’re not expecting any company, because I love the way it looks and feels.

Styling Tip: The current trend is to use two or three or more candle holders of differing heights in a grouping. Most popular colours/materials are: black, brass, white and wood. Pillar candle holders have always been popular but tapered candle holders are especially hot right now.  


2. Vases and Vessels



Vases and vessels are an easy way to change the look and feel of our homes season-to-season. Simply by placing an on-trend container on a table, book shelf or coffee table you can immediately elevate the space. It’s that simple! This season the popular colours/materials are: creamy hued ceramics, black, teraccotta, brass, pale pink, sky blue and sage.  

Styling Tip: Take it up a notch by putting a sprig of green in your vase or vessel such as fern or eucalyptus or a succulent.  


3. Neutral Woven and Macrame Details



Because we’ve spent so much time in our homes lately we’ve come to crave a warm, inviting and cozy space. On my buying trips I've noticed a lot of natural, neutral colours and materials being used in home decor like jute, rattan, cane, raw wood, ceramic and macrame. I was immediately attracted to them because they add texture and warmth to any space.

Styling Tip: Baskets continue to be a huge trend and the great thing is they are so functional. Use them to store towels, throws, cushions or as a decorative base for a plant. Put a tray-style basket on your table or counter and fill it with a a few attractive objects like a book, frame or candle.  


4. Throw Pillows


My family is constantly teasing that I go overboard with pillows. Let’s just say there are so many pillows on our couch they can’t even sit down. I’ve carried this passion over to the Home department and I’m hoping that you too appreciate the power of the pillow! Here’s the beauty of them. You can have a neutral couch or bedspread that is boring on its own but you make it come alive with an on-trend pillow.

Styling Tip: This season look for pillows that are cozy, textured or nature-inspired. Think colours like green, mustard yellow, burnt orange, soft pink and sky blue or neutral with a lot of texture.


5. Faux Botanicals and Succulents



I used to think faux botanicals were tacky but the quality has come a long way in recent years, probably due to the popularity of Magnolia’s Joanna Gaines, who often uses them in her rooms. While not all of us have a green enough thumb to keep real plants alive, we can all appreciate a touch of nature in our homes, especially after spending so much time in them.

Styling Tip: It’s a decorator’s secret to always style a room with a green plant or tree because it brings life and depth to the space.   


6. Wood Bead Garlands



This is a new trend that I’ve grabbed on to because it brings a whole new look to my vignettes.  It’s like jewelry for our homes! The beads are a great way to add texture and a touch of rustic charm especially in raw wood or light colours. The beads come in different sizes and lengths.

Styling Tip: There’s no set way to style a string of wood beads but the idea is to drape it enough to create a coil or two. Drape it over a coffee table book or beside your favourite piece of pottery or in a woven tray.  


7. Attractive Coffee Table Books



Books have long been a decorator’s trick to add personality, colour and height to a coffee table or shelf. In fact, stack a few of your favourites! I love decorating with books so much that I have been using them for displays in the Home Department.  

Styling Tip: Add decorative objects on top of your stack of books for a personal touch such as vases, candle holders or vintage objects.


8. Positive Vibes 



Couldn’t we all use a laugh or a feel-good smile after the year we've had? A huge home decor trend right now is using a sign or pillow to bring humour or positive vibes to a vignette.
Stying Tip: Prop a fun sign on the mantle or in a book shelf or strategically place the pillow so that it’s sure to bring a smile to someone’s face.  


9. Leather Details



Leather, especially warm brown leather, continues to be a strong trend in 2021. 

Styling Tip:If you’re not ready to embrace a leather statement piece like a couch,  try gently injecting this trend with leather throw pillows, wall decor or even small leather detailing like the on leather on these vases. 


10. A Pop of Black



Did you know that black gives the eye something to rest on in a room and allows our brains to see things easier? It’s a decorator’s secret to always have a pop of black in a room as a grounding element. The great thing is it works in any style, whether it’s modern or classic, because it adds contrast without clashing.

Styling Tip: Add a black vase, planter or basket to your room and notice how your eye is drawn to it and how it grounds the space.  




I hope these home decor styling tips inspire you!  Come visit us at the store to shop our Home Department or if you'd rather browse from the comfort of your home then click on the link below to see them on our beautiful new website! 



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