setting the fall table

Rose's Tips for Styling a Fall Table

As the Fall weather sets in we begin to go indoors to find warmth and comfort. With this change in weather comes the season for gathering with family and friends, and it seems the ideal time to share some of my favourite tips for styling your Fall table to create a warm and inviting space:

textured table runner/ placements

Start with a textured table runner or placemats in warm autumnal colours to create the foundation for your table. I love the heft and pattern of this burnt orange and cream table runner and I've added the golden sisal placemats to achieve a layered, cozy effect.   

bring the outdoors in

Bring the outdoors in to highlight the beauty of autumn. You might feel inspired to use real pumpkins or gourds because they are so festive and rich in colour. Don’t think twice about mixing in faux botanicals like wheat or mini pumpkins or sprigs of basil like the ones I’ve used. Mixing real with faux can achieve a nice balance.

touch of glamour

Inject a touch of glamour to an otherwise rustic table setting with some metallic elements. This year gold is particularly on-trend and this elegant tapered candle holder nestles in nicely as the foundation of the centrepiece. I’ve also added the Moscow Mule mugs because the copper colour complements the sheen of the candle holder and the colour of the runner.

special napkins

Always indulge in special napkins for the occasion. It makes your guests feel special. Choose a napkin that ties in with your colour palette.  You can fold the napkin and place it under the cutlery or, roll it and place it inside a decorative napkin ring.

white ceramic dishware

White ceramic dishware will work for all occasions and will complement any colour scheme. This white ceramic cylinder pattern is ideal for a cozy Fall dinner table, but can also be dressed up for more elegant occasions with the right centrepiece, cutlery and napkins. 

fall scented candles

Target all the senses with a Fall scented candle. The moment your guests walk in the door they will be transported back to their favourite memories of Fall with the warm, cozy scent of your home.   

style your coffee table

Extra Goodies

Add a few more extra decor elements to your home this season with some of our favourites. 

be our guest serving tray, wooden


enough for everyone serving dish


I hope you find some inspiration in these tips for styling your dining table and I wish you a beautiful gathering with your loved ones this Thanksgiving season. 

– Rose

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