boys roasting marshmallows over the fire

Make Special Memories as you Gather Around the Fire Pit

One of the most popular outdoor activities at our home is gathering around the fire pit. We’ve spent countless hours congregating around the cozy flames as we swap stories, laugh at jokes, eat, drink and enjoy nature. Even though they’ve done the task dozens of times, the boys never get tired of starting the fire and then patiently tending to it until it gets to that perfect flickering, smoldering flame. Then it’s time to rip open the bag of marshmallows and start making s’mores.

The fire pit is a focal point of our outdoor gatherings not just in the summer but also in the cooler months. It can be a cold winter day but that doesn’t stop our family from bundling up and coming together around the fire which is made even more cozy and enjoyable by hot chocolate. 

We have a grill for our fire pit and cook meals by the heat of the flame. Roger especially loves cooking on the fire pit and has mastered steak and baked potatoes. The boys are just as happy with roasting wieners!

We started carrying Muskoka Fire Pits at the store about five years ago and are so pleased with their popularity and the positive feedback we receive from our customers who have purchased them. They’ve told us that the fire pit has become such a meaningful focal point for entertaining friends and family. Every year the fire pit is so popular that we have to re-order and nine times out of ten the customer ends up coming back to the store to buy the grill so that they can cook over the flame.

Here is what makes these fire pits so special:

• They are designed and manufactured in Ontario;

• They are re-purposed using old propane tanks;

• They are extremely durable! You will have fires in these fire pits for years to come because of the thickness of the steel walls;

• They are easy to maintain.

• They have several designs to choose from including Canadian inspired images like pine trees, bears, and leaves;

• They can be used year-round;

• They can even be customized! Customers have had their tanks customized with their last name, the name of their lake, their favourite team.

A fire pit is definitely an affordable way to create a meaningful cozy gathering point for your family and friends in your outdoor space. 

Muskoka fire pits
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