wasp trap

Shoo Wasp, Don't Bother Me!

Does it feel like there are a lot more wasps at the end of summer, just when you’re trying to enjoy the last bit of summer weather?

Here’s an interesting fact. There are just as many wasps around in early summer but we don’t notice them because they are busy eating protein, like insects on your vegetable patch, to feed the baby wasps. The incentive for them fulfilling this duty is a very sweet secretion from the babies. When the babies mature the worker wasps no longer have this feeding role and they turn to other sources like our picnics and drinks for their sweet fix.    

fake wasp nest

If you notice a wasps nest near your home and they are becoming too close for comfort there is an environmentally-friendly and effective way to deter them called the Waspinator.

Did you know: Wasps won’t come near an enemy wasp nest! The Waspinator works as a deterrent by mimicking a wasp nest. It’s simple to use: Just puff out the sides, pull the drawstring toggle, and hang. No chemicals, no clean up, no maintenance – and no wasps!

Come visit us at the store for your very own Waspinator! We’ve got items and tips like this to help you cope with these pesky, uninvited guests!

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