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Rose Stephan Paint Colour Expert & Designer

Front Door Refresh Virtual Paint Colour Consultation

Front Door Refresh Virtual Paint Colour Consultation

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Looking to give your home a quick and stylish exterior makeover?  The Front Door Refresh Virtual Paint Colour Consultation is the perfect solution for homeowners who want a front door that mirrors their unique style while elevating the charm of their home in an impactful way.

NOTE: This virtual paint colour & design service is offered per door.  Please use the quantity field to order the number of doors you are requesting help with.  Have more questions before you place your order?  Contact me. I'll be happy to answer your questions.


How it Works

1.  Order the Service
Click the Buy It Now button on this page to order a Front Door Refresh Virtual Paint Colour Consultation.

2.  Complete Design Questionnaire
Once you purchase this service you'll receive a detailed questionnaire to share your style, design and paint brand preferences.

3.  Front Door Project Discussion
Upon receiving your questionnaire, I’ll connect with you to discuss your front door goals and other details you’d like to share to help me to make the perfect front door paint selection for your home.

4.  Paint Colour Presentation
Within the agreed time frame, you'll receive a personalized paint colour recommendation for your front door.

What to Expect

1.  A Unique Paint Colour Recommendation
A uniquely-selected paint colour to add the desired vibe and aesthetic you want for the front door of your home.

2.  Professional Insights
Insights on the psychology of colour and how to achieve the desired look and feel you want for the entrance of your home.

3.  Colour Confidence
Explanations that help you feel confident that the colour of your front door aligns with your home’s design, as well as your style and personality.

4.  Friendliness
A friendly expert paint colour consultant and designer that you can freely discuss your design ideas with.

Why Choose a Front Door Refresh Virtual Paint Color Consultation?

1.  Quickly and affordably update your home exterior without undergoing a renovation.

2.  Elevate your home’s curb appeal to make a lasting first impression.

3.  Express your personal style and taste to family, friends, or other people that enter your home.

4.  For fun! This small area can be painted seasonally to reflect the special occasions throughout the year

Who's it For?

1.  People who want to revive the entrance of their home with a front door that expresses their personality, style, and is in keeping with the home’s exterior design.

2.  People who want to add curb appeal to help add value to their home for resale.

3.  People who are unsure of how to coordinate a paint colour with the exterior finishes of their home.

4.  People who want to take on a front door paint DIY project or can relay paint colour recommendations to trade professional for execution.

5.  People that prefer the convenience of a virtual service, rather than in-person consultations or on-site visits.

Still Have Questions?

Not sure if what you need is what I offer? Call or email me.  I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

 (705) 738-2107  |

 I can’t wait to chat with you!


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