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TRAEGER Barbecue Sauce (Store Pick Up Only)

TRAEGER Barbecue Sauce (Store Pick Up Only)

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Traeger Que
  • Sweet brown sugar and smoky hickory are cut with tangy vinegar for a sauce made in taste bud heaven
  • Use as a marinade or serve with your creations on the side
  • Pair with traeger rub and hickory hardwood pellet

Sweet and Heat

  • A combination of the tangy sweetness found in the Apricot BBQ sauce with a peppery kick from the Texas Spicy BBQ sauce to create a sweet combination of added heat 
  • pairs well with chicken or pork

Sugar Lips 

  • Provides a rich sweetness with a touch of tang and herb flavours, creating a unique combination perfect for all your BBQ needs
  • Ideal to use when glazing meats at the end fo your cooking 
  • Pairs well with glazing ribs, pork, chicken and more

Texas Spicy 

  • Provides a peppery kick to all your barbequeing needs
  • This sauce works well as a marinate due to its thinner texture
  • Pairs well with wings or pulled pork


  • A tangy sauce with an apricot undertone that creates a perfect hint of sweetness and a little heat
  • Pairs well with glazed chicken, turkey burgers or classic BBQ ribs

Size: 473ml 

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