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What is hygge?

It’s a Danish word that’s become immensely popular the past few years, probably because we’ve been re-evaluating what’s important in life and how we want to feel in our homes. It embraces a lifestyle that values comfort, coziness and soothing warm elements, feeling content and grateful for the simple things in life. 

coffee mug in texture fabric

If you can imagine yourself curled up on the couch, snuggled in a warm blanket, wearing cozy socks, sipping a hot cup of tea while reading your favourite book then you can appreciate hygge! 

So how can we ensure we have some hygge in our homes? Here are some easy ways to incorporate all things cozy and warm:

 1. A warm neutral colour palette

Check out these beautiful neutral ceramic pots as an example.

ceramic pots

2. A favourite mug for your hot bevvie

A tall modern shape makes this mug a sophisticated sipper!

light blue mug

3. Cozy Blankets

Get cozy with this MEGA Family Blanket to up your hygge-game.

family mega blanket

4. Chunky Textiles

white pillow on brown leather chair

 Check out some of these great examples on our website!

textured pillow

textured pillow

textured pillow

textured pillow

5. A framed photo

Adding a framed photo of a favourite family moment or trip is a great way to make your home feel heart-felt and cozy.

black picture frame

6. Candles

Candles make the room feel warmer, cozier, romantic, and of course, more aromatic. WoodWick candles smell great and make it sound like there is a crackling fireplace in your home!

Wood Wick Candle

7. A tray that contains some of your favourite things

Having some of your favourite things in one area boosts your mood and makes you feel space - plus it makes your room or entire home feel extra special! Have your special items out instead of packed away. 

glass vases

8. A welcome mat or positive quote 

A welcome mat for your front door makes your entire house feel more welcoming and cozy! Alternatively positive quotes that make you feel uplifted are another great option.

family is everything sign

9. Natural Elements

Natural elements like wood, clay, macrame, wooden beads bring nature inside!

natural elements in a cabin

bead chain

ceramic vases

10. Baskets

Bring baskets into your room to continue the natural feel – plus you need a place to store all of those blankets!

woven baskets

11. Botanicals

Botanicals like a fern leaf, pampas grass or a spray of Eucalpytus in textured vases or pottery containers.

plants in pottery




12. Neutral Dishware

Those calming neutral colours are really great on dishware – enjoy a warm meal on a beautiful stone dish. They look great on your shelf too!

enough for everyone dish

13. A Special Bowl or Mug for Soup

Ah soup – the perfect comfort meal during the cold months. As we bundle up and wait for early spring, enjoy a homemade bowl of soup or stew. If that isn't part of the definition of hygge, I don't know what is!

fall soup

warm and cozy mug

happy heart mug

13. A bread box

Have you tried making homemade bread? Do you have a favourite local bakery that you go to? Give it a special spot in a cozy bread box. Combining comfort and nostalgia for this hygge item. 

bread bin

Remember, hygge is a feeling and has everything to do with finding comfort in the simple things of life. It’s about feeding the soul. So less can be more. Make sure you’re only surrounded by objects that bring you joy and you’ll be sure to embrace this Danish lifestyle.  – Rose

We look forward to seeing you online or in-store!

- Roger and Rose

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