Grilling Perfection: Why We Can’t Get Enough of our Traeger Grill

Written by: Rose Stephan



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We are definitely not what you would refer to as “master grillers” but that’s exactly why we're so enthusiastic about cooking with our Traeger grill. It's like our go-to kitchen helper, always set to cook. We use it so often; it likely gets more action than our regular oven! So, in this blog, we want to share with you the details on why the Traeger has totally won us over and become an integral part of our meal cooking.

Set It and Forget It Convenience

One of the biggest draws of the Traeger Pro 34 is its ease of use. Gone are the days of constantly monitoring grill temperatures. With the Traeger’s digital controls and pellet system, we can set our desired temperature and let the grill do the rest. 

We’ve occasionally left meat and chicken on the grill too long and the amazing thing is it never looks or tastes dried out or burnt. 

When we cook with our Traeger it means more time to relax with a cold drink while the Traeger does the work.

Consistent Temperature Control

Consistency is key when it comes to grilling, and the Traeger Pro 34 does a great job in this department. Whether we're smoking a brisket low and slow or searing steaks at high heat, the Pro 34 maintains a stable temperature, ensuring that our food is cooked to perfection every time. 

The great thing is there’s no more worrying about flare-ups or uneven cooking zones.

Versatility Beyond Compare

Another reason we love our Traeger Pro 34 is its incredible versatility. This grill can do it all – smoke, grill, bake, roast, and even braise

From juicy burgers and tender ribs to wood-fired pizza and smoked salmon, there's no limit to the way we cook with this grill. We’ve even baked dessert in our Traeger and the flavour is awesome!

Unbeatable Wood-Fired Flavour

Cooking with wood pellets is really a game-changer. The Traeger Pro 34 infuses our food with that irresistible smoky flavour that's hard to replicate with gas or charcoal grills. Whether we're using hickory, mesquite, or applewood pellets, the result is a taste that keeps us coming back for more. Lately we’ve really enjoyed using the “Signature Blend” flavoured pellets. 

And for even more flavour be sure to try out Traeger’s line of rubs and sauces! We often use the Traeger seasoning on our meat and chicken and Rose really likes it on her roasted veggies.

WiFIRE® Technology

Modern technology has found its way into the world of grilling, and the Traeger Pro 34 is no exception. 

With its WiFIRE® technology, we can control and monitor our grill remotely using our smartphones. This means we can adjust the temperature, check cooking progress, and receive notifications, all while enjoying the company of our friends and family.

Durable Construction

Investing in a high-quality grill is a long-term commitment, and the Traeger Pro 34 is built to last. Its robust construction, stainless steel components, and durable powder coat finish ensure that it can withstand the elements and the test of time. It’s super easy to clean and maintain. 

We highly recommend the Traeger grill cover to keep it protected from the elements. We use our Traeger all year round including the winter and for colder weather we recommend the Thermal Insulation Blanket to promote an even more consistent cooking temperature.

So clearly it’s no secret that we're huge fans of cooking with our Traeger. It has simplified the meal prep process for us and allowed us to effortlessly create mouth-watering dishes. We appreciate the ease and convenience it provides us, and we hope you do too.

Happy grilling!

Sincerely, Roger and Rose

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