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Rose Stephan Paint Colour Expert & Designer

Online Paint Colour Consultation: Kitchen/Bathroom Cabinets, Built-Ins

Online Paint Colour Consultation: Kitchen/Bathroom Cabinets, Built-Ins

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Is it time for a refresh? Are your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity in need of a new, up-to-date look? Or perhaps you're in the midst of a new build, facing hundreds of decisions, including finding the perfect colour for your cabinets or built-ins. If you're seeking advice or reassurance, I'm here to help. I'll guide you in choosing a colour that elevates the look of your cabinetry, resulting in a fresh, magazine-worthy appearance, whether your style is modern or timeless.

NOTE: This online paint consulting & design service is offered per cabinetry request.  Please use the quantity field to order the number of cabinetry areas you'd like help with.  Have questions before you order the service?  Contact me: I'd be happy to answer them for you!


How it Works

1.  Order the Service
Click the Add to Cart button on this page to order a Kitchen Cabinets, Built-Ins or Bathroom Vanity Colour Consultation.

2.   Complete and Return Design Questionnaire
After purchasing this service, you'll receive by email a comprehensive online questionnaire that allows you to share your style, design preferences, favourite paint brand, and provide photos of the space.

3.  Paint Colour Presentation
Within 5 to 7 business days after receiving your completed questionnaire, photos, and, if applicable, a Pinterest board showcasing some images of cabinetry or spaces you love, I will create and email to you a Paint Colour Consultation Report. It will include three options for your cabinetry that coordinate with your countertops, backsplash, flooring, and decor. Additionally, you'll receive a paint sheen guide, testing instructions, and some 'Rose' styling inspiration.

4.  Test the Colours and Ask for Feedback
Your next step is to test the paint colours following the directions in the consultation report. If you wish, you can then share photos of your results with me for feedback.

What to Expect

1.  Personalized Paint Colour Recommendations
Custom-selected paint colours to rejuvenate your kitchen cabinets, built-ins, or bathroom vanities whether your style is trendy or timeless.

2.  Professional Insights

My detailed expert reasons for why I chose the colours for your cabinetry in that space, space plus some bonus decorating advice to help you create a look and feel for your home that you love and feels like you! 

3.  Colour Confidence
Explanations that help you feel confident that the colours selected for your cabinetry will have the look and feel you envisioned for them. No more second guessing or analysis paralysis!

4.  Testing and Feedback:
Detailed instructions on how to test your paint colour recommendation, support through the testing process with a review of your photos, and one round of revisions should you request same.

Why Choose a Kitchen Cabinets, Built-Ins, or Bathroom Vanity Colour Consultation?

1.  Revitalize the aesthetic of your kitchen, built-ins, or bathroom without a major renovation.

2.  Receive personalized colour recommendations that align with your style and vision.

3.  Benefit from expert advice on painting application for a professional, beautifully executed finish.

4.  Ensure that the colour on your cabinetry is cohesive with and compliments the surrounding fixed elements in that space.

Who's it For?

1.  People who want to refresh tired cabinets and update the aesthetic of their home for a more current look.

2.  People who want to upgrade the appearance of their cabinetry to help add value to their home for resale.

3.  People who need assistance increasing the flow throughout their home by selecting cohesive paint colours for the cabinetry in their home.

4.  People who can implement design ideas on their own with some direction from an interior decorating professional.

5.  People that prefer the convenience of a virtual service, rather than in-person consultations or on-site visits.

Still Have Questions?

Not sure if what you need is what I offer? Email me:  I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

 I can’t wait to chat with you!


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